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Doty Picture Hanging Tool - The Essential Wall Marking Device

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Stick it, mark it, hang it… doty offers a simple solution to the age old problem of marking a wall when something needs hanging.

Hanging anything can be an unnecessary pain. That’s why the doty was created - a quick, robust & simple hanging tool that accurately marks the fixing position to hang any item on a wall. With a simple & hassle-free process, it precisely positions exactly where your fixing needs to go and levels virtually any item, making wonky wall art a thing of the past! doty is a lightweight & durable wall-marking system that simplifies hanging wall art with a variety of different fixtures and fittings. Designed with Nano sticky pads that enable adhesion to any surface, you simply attach your pointer to the hook, line up your artwork & click - you’ve got your hole position… It’s as simple as that!

With doty, you can go without the tape measure, the spirit level, the pencils & pitch distances, and still end up with nicely spaced and level artwork. Modern in appearance yet tough in performance, doty includes a self contained case for out-of-use protection & ample ink for reuse.

  • Handy, pocket sized all-in-one hanging tool.
  • Removes the need for any other unnecessary tools.
  • Reusable Nano sticky pads.
Instructions for use:

Simply start by adding a quick dab of ink to the sticky back pointer. Grab your wall art & position your sticky back pointer accordingly. Finally, align & press against the wall in the desired position to make your mark. To reuse the doty, the Nano Sticky pads can be revitalised like new with a dab of soap & hot water.