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Ernst Wrench Pro 20 Tool Spanner Storage Organiser Black 5400

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Ernst Manufacturing products are 100% made in the USA. They supply innovative, high quality storage products to some of the leading names in the tool industry.

The 20 Tool Spanner/Wrench Pro is an extremely versatile organiser designed to save valuable space in toolbox drawers. Tools are angled upright to fit the most tools in a compact space. Innovative geometry aligns spanners/wrenches for a uniform presentation. Your spanners/wrenches will never look better than when they are neatly lined up in a compact row! The modular design is very easy to set up and break apart for custom spanner/wrench sets and holds any number of tools needed in one section. Fits a wide range of sizes and spanner/wrench types. Identification labels are included so you can easily see spanner/wrench sizes and also know which tools are missing if there is any empty spot. Cleats help sink into drawer liner and prevent movement when drawers are opened and closed.

  • Black  
  • Modular design fits any number of spanners/wrenches in a set
  • Identification labels included for 6mm to 38mm or ¼” to 1 ½”
  • No-slip feature for use with drawer liner