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Hettich Accura 1000mm Drilling Template 3 Stop Marking Pins

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The Accura 1000mm drilling template for drilling 32 hole lines into furniture cabinet sides. The jig is especially designed for hole lines, allowing a rational and professional drilling of complete hole lines, yet it can also be efficiently used to drill single System 32 holes. Using this jig, it is very simple to precisely install many furniture fittings such as connecting fittings, mounting plates for hinges, drawer runners and drawer systems, shelf supports and many more.

  • Provides the basis for drilling System 32 hole lines efficiently, economically and professionally
  • Hole line spaced 37 mm from the front edge
  • Hole line spaced 13 mm from the front edge(Systema Top 2000 pedestal)
  • First hole line boring for connecting fittings(for shelf thicknesses of 16 mm and 19 mm)
  • Stop for continuing hole line boring
  • Stop for rear hole line in assembled cabinet
  • Functions easily set using the stop / marking pins
  • For use on left and right
  • Drilling template in aluminium
  • Using sleeve drill bits - minimum drill wear as the drill bit does not come into contact with the jig
  • With 3 stop and marking pins