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Hyde 06985 17-in-1 Painters Multi Tool

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Hyde 06985 17 in 1 Painter's Multi Tool combining the company’s trademark high-quality, lightweight design with a tool that can perform 17 functions. It has 19mm (¾") and  17mm (11/16") sockets to connect your whip hose to both your spray gun and your main airless hose. There are six applications securely stored in the tool’s handle: four different screwdriver bits securely fitted in the Hammer Head® end and a tool that can be used as either a scribe or a nail set. This rugged tool has an overmold handle with a thumb stop for safety and a blade that resists rusting. 17 uses – one ultimate painter’s tool.

  • Scrapes Paint
  • Spreads compound
  • Opens cracks in plaster
  • Pulls or sets nails
  • Opens cans and bottles
  • Cleans rollers and mini rollers
  • Has two wrench sizes 19mm (3/4") 17mm (11/16")
  • Four screwdriver bits securely fitted in the Hammer Head end
  • Carbon steel