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KeySmart Flex Compact Keyring Key Holder Black

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KeySmart Flex makes your keys organised, compact and comfortable to carry! It will hold up to 8 of your existing keys (flat standard sized max 80mm long and 2mm thick each) and can be expanded to accommodate even more keys by adding and using our exclusive expansion kits. It is highly flexible and built to last, the plastic polycarbonate plates make this compact keyring both strong and flexible at the same time. KeySmart comes with a Loop Piece attachment for your larger car fob remote or car keys keyring.

Create a reliable compact utility key organiser by adding KeySmart mini tools, such as: Quick Release Keychain, Bottle Opener, Deep Carry Pocket Clip, Multi-Tool, Nano-Pliers, and many more.

  • Flexible
  • Holds up to 8 standard flat keys
  • Attachment for larger car fobs
  • Eliminates key jingle
  • Saves pocket space
  • Never get poked by keys again