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KeySmart Rugged Compact Key Holder Black

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Regular price £23.89 inc. VAT

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The KeySmart Rugged key organiser keyring, is overhauled in every aspect, from the inside to the outside - with perfect functionality, build, and style in mind! The front and back plates are now thicker at 2.79mm each, but it is still a minimalist key holder and key organiser. It is extremely durable and capable of accommodating 2-14 keys. If you wish to load more than 14 keys, get the additional expansion screws.

KeySmart Rugged is a multi key organiser that is designed with a removable pocket clip as well as a loop piece making it a minimalist key fob, perfect for your car keys, keyrings, and other everyday carry accessories you may have.

Unlike the other KeySmart minimalist key holder, KeySmart Rugged is not only your smart key solution, it is also packed with a stainless steel bottle opener. To create a reliable utility organiser and compact keyholder you can purchase a wide range of add-ons and mini tools, such as the quick release keyring, bottle opener, pocket clip, multi-tool, nano-pliers, and many more.

  • Black
  • Holds up to 14 keys
  • Loop piece for car fob
  • Thicker build
  • Bottle opener