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Tite-Reach Engineers Extension Clamp For Nuts, Bolts Etc

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Genuine Tite-Reach product, beware of cheap imitations!

The Tite-Reach Extension Clamp is a great tool for every toolbox. We've all been in those frustrating spots where your hand can't quite reach or having to wait for a hot muffler or radiator to cool before you can reinstall a bolt. The Extension Clamp will also save you time by not having to remove other parts on your equipment to get into a tight spot. The clamp’s jaws open 3mm (1/8") to 28mm (1.125") wide giving you the ability to hold a ¾” nut or bolt. It’s vice-like design also ensures you won’t drop the part it’s holding until you loosen the tension nut. This means unlike a pliers you do not need to maintain tension to keep what you’re holding in place, this is very valuable when you’re in a difficult spot where if you drop what is clamped it will be gone. The extension clamp has been used in everything from auto body to airline maintenance and is a great option for anyone’s toolbox.

  • Holds all nut and bolt sizes 3mm to 28mm (1/8”- 1 1/8”)
  • Compresses gas lines and hose clamps
  • 25cm (10") of reach
  • Holds wire for soldering
  • Align nuts for threading